The Ordissimo keyboards have been designed to make your life easier:


  • The key functions are at the tip of your finger!

    Shortcuts to 'Homepage', 'Email', 'Internet', 'Write', 'Photos', 'Documents' and 'Contacts' have all been made available at the top of youir keyboard. You no longer need to use your mouse to find your way around the various functions on your Ordissimo!

  • Shortcuts which make your life easier

    To make the text on the screen bigger, all you have to do is press the zoom key. Regardless of the application you are using, you can always make the text bigger or smaller as much as you want. Having to remember your glasses is a thing of the past!
    A lot simpler than having to constantly press 'Ctrl C' or 'Crtl V', you will find 'Copy' and 'Paste' keys on your keyboard! Need to print something? Just press the 'Print' key.

  • A function per key

    Is it logical to press 'Shift' and ';' at the same time to write a colon? Is it logical to press 'Shift' and '3' at the same time to get a £ sign? We certainly don't think so!
    Deshalb haben all unsere Ordissimo-Tastaturen nur eine Funktion pro Taste, sodass nichts schiefgehen kann!
    That's why all Ordissimo keyboards have one single function per key, so there's no reason to go wrong! All of the functions are written clearly on each key such as 'Delete' and 'Enter'.